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Update December 1st, 2010

Lieutenants – CMPD will be moving forward with instituting a Lieutenant’s position in FY2012.  All RAC positions will become Lieutenant Positions, as well as numerous other positions throughout CMPD.  CMPD anticipates beginning a Lieutenants process (open to all current sergeants and RAC’s) in Spring 2011 with promotions beginning in July 2011.  It is possible that Sergeants going through the current Captains process who also go through the Lieutenants process will be on two eligibility lists.
Residency – Residency requirement will be changing soon.  Once the new policy comes out, officers will be allowed to live in South Carolina as long as they live within the 45 mile radius.  Officers will NOT be allowed to have take home vehicles if they live in SC.
IA Board Hearings – IA is working on two changes to the way IA handles Chain of Command Review Boards.  First, all shooting boards will be handled by a newly created Shooting Board that will be made up of the same personnel for each board.  In other words, one Major, one Captain, one Sergeant, etc. will be designated to sit on ALL the shooting boards.  These individuals will not be from patrol. This should minimize the number of Boards patrol Sergeants, RAC’s, and Captains will have to serve on.   Second, if an officer admits in their IA interview that they made a mistake and did commit whatever policy violation they are charged with, and most likely the corrective action would be less than 3 days suspension, then the Major in their Chain of Command can “negotiate” a corrective action without having to go through an Independent Chain of Command Review Board.   Of course, the officer always has the option to request an Independent Chain of Command Review Board.

Overtime – This is still a big issue and will not be going away any time soon.  Division Capt. S will have to report any overtime at Compstat. The expectation is that NO ONE earns any overtime EXCEPT for JAG and COURT.  However, there may be the occasional time when an officer or Sergeant earns overtime due to a late call on the last day or two of the 28-day pay cycle making it impossible for them to take it back as Comp time.  These are the ONLY three occasions in which you should be approving Overtime