Help your local FOP with a Donation


One group of law enforcement officers help provide safety to one community.

However, many groups banded together are a powerful symbol of heroism, with one simple goal:    Exceptional service to the city you call home.

Over 1100 law enforcement officers are members of FOP Lodge #9.

NC FOP Lodge #9 in Charlotte-Mecklenburg is a non-profit professional law enforcement membership organization that is fully funded and supported by the people and its members.

FOP Lodge #9 is dedicated to being a recognized community partner for charity and helping create a better relationship with the community.

It is too often that we are taken for what our jobs are and not seen for our dedication to our communities.

The FOP programs would not be possible without community support.

The funds raised by our Foundation are used for member benefits and community projects across the City of Charlotte and surrounding counties.

If you would like to make a donation:

Please contact lodge #9 office at 1-704- 376-3838
Or donate through PayPal by clicking the "Donate" button on this page
Or you can also mail your donation directly to the office at:

FOP Lodge 9
1201 Hawthorne Lane
Charlotte NC 28205

FOP lodge 9 strive to work with other organizations and the communities to promote a positive image of law enforcement.

On behalf of FOP Lodge 9,

Thank you for your support