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FOP Nationwide Healthcare Plan

The National FOP is working towards providing a national healthcare plan for members under the Medicare eligibility age.  We are asking Medicare members to consider utilizing the FOP/Aetna Medicare plan.  This will ultimately allow us to offer a National healthcare plan for ALL members and their families regardless of age.


We are partnering with Aetna to provide four Medicare options for members and their families.  Aetna will offer a national healthcare plan for members under the age of 65 once we reach enrollment benchmarks.  These plans are a tremendous benefit for our members and their families.


We are in the middle of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period for the upcoming year.  As you are evaluating your healthcare options for 2020, we strongly encourage you to evaluate the FOP-Aetna plans.  Since these plans were specifically designed by the FOP.  If you are working with an insurance agent, they are likely not familiar with these plans that we developed with Aetna.


To learn more about our FOP-Aetna Medicare plans you can call the dedicated FOP number at 484-904-5000 (Steve Gervasio), email Steve Gervasio at or visit our FOP-Aetna website at


The enrollment period for our FOP plan ends on November 30th. 


To view a video about the plan please go to

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