Annual Dues:

New member & active renewals


New retiree & renewals


(if you are retired but a "hire back", you are are considered an "ACTIVE MEMBER", not a retiree - you do not have legal protection under retiree benefits)

Affiliate (Reserve & Detention Officers, Support Personnel):




(renewal): $75.00

(new): $100.00

($75 + $25 application fee)

*CMPD and Mint Hill Officers who are actively employed are eligible for weekly payroll deduction (approx. $3.83/week).  Please note that you will still need to pay the first year at the time you submit your application. Payroll deduction will begin as soon as it is processed to begin covering next year's dues.

Click your agency's patch for new members & renewals
Once you complete you application, you will automatically return to this screen.  If you chose to pay your dues online click below 
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Only available to CMPD & Mint Hill 

(Complete after application submission)

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Click FOP if your patch 

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Membership requires applicants to fill out a membership application and and make their payment, in full, before the first Tuesday of the following month.  YOUR APPLICATION MUST BE APPROVED DURING THE MEMBERSHIP MEETING in order for your membership to be approved.  There are several ways to complete this: submit an application online above and pay your dues by one of the following ways:

1) Cash/Check: 


Either mail the cash payment or check to 1201 Hawthorne Ln. Charlotte, NC 28205; or schedule a time to drop off your payment and membership card in person OR drop it in the mail slot at the the Lodge.  You may also give your membership card and payment to a board member. (We highly recommend against mailing cash).

2) PayPal:  


Click on "Click here to pay your membership online via PayPal" above.  Then select the "Buy Now" option for the type of membership you are signing up for.  You will be directed to PayPal where your dues will be completed upon payment.  

3) Payroll Deduction:  


Fill out the payroll deduction sheet and submit it.  You will still need to pay the first year in full out of pocket due to payroll being taken out in small increments.  Payroll deduction will begin upon your approval and is collected to begin covering for the following year's membership dues.  (Please be sure that your organization uses payroll deduction for Lodge 9; CMPD & Mint Hill PD  are the only active participating agencies at this time).

You can also request a paper application.  Email for question regarding membership.

To update or change your membership information (address, phone, email), AND to update or change your beneficiary information, go to "Members Area" under "Lodge Business" and log in.  YOU MUST HAVE A MEMBER ACCOUNT TO LOG IN AND CHANGE INFORMATION.


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