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Memberships and Annual Dues:
Tap on any membership tab below to join
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Every new member must be approved by a majority vote of our membership.  This vote occurs at our Monthly Membership Meetings held on the first Tuesday of every month.  Your membership will be voted on during the nearest meeting that precedes your application submission. 

  • If you are applying as a retiree, you must include a photo of your retired law enforcement identification.


  • If you are applying as an Associate Member, you must include a photo of a valid driver's license.  A criminal background check is required and will be completed on all new Associate Members.  Prior arrests and/or criminal convictions are considered and brought before the membership in considering whether your membership is approved.  Prior arrests and/or convictions are not an automatic disqualification; however, approval of your membership status depends on a majority vote by our members.  If you have any questions, please email us before submitting your application at  If your membership is denied, you will be refunded the membership fee; however, the $50 fee for a background check is non-refundable.      

  • If you are a current FOP member at a different Lodge and want to transfer to ours, please email Brother Gerson at the below email address.

If you prefer to complete an application in person, or have a question about any of our memberships, please email Scott Gerson at

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