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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge #9 Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Before completing the application, review the requirements to ensure you are eligible for this scholarship.  There are four separate $1,000 scholarships awarded each year.

In order to be eligible for a scholarship, you MUST be an active member of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Lodge Of The Fraternal Order of Police, North Carolina Number Nine Inc (hereinafter referred to as FOP Lodge #9) or the immediate family member of someone who is.  


For the purpose of this application, active members include all paid membership designations offered by our lodge and immediate family members include spouses, children, siblings, & grandchildren.  (Stepchildren of FOP Lodge #9 members are eligible, no other step-equivalent will be considered).


If you meet these requirements, the following criteria must be met:

1. The applicant or sponsoring member of any applicant must be an active member of FOP Lodge #9 in good standing as outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws of this Order.

2. The applicant must be enrolled in an accredited college or university and studying in a degree program (associate, bachelor, master, or doctorate). Certificate-based studies are ineligible.    


3. Applicants who are not enrolled but have received a letter of acceptance to an accredited college or university are eligible; however, payment will not be made until you become enrolled.  We understand our process ends at the beginning of the year and some applicants will not be attending until the summer or fall semester. 

4.  If you are currently a high school student, but will be attending a college or university anytime during the year in which our drawing occurs, you are eligible to apply for this scholarship (payment will be held until you are actively enrolled or attending).

5. A "Letter of Acceptance", or other proof of enrollment from the college the applicant is, or will be, attending must be submitted with the application.  "Other proof" could be the course schedule for current or future classes, a letter confirming enrollment on the school's official letterhead, etc.

6. If the Applicant is being sponsored by a member, verification will be made to confirm the relationship listed in the application. 

7. Recipients of each scholarship will be determined by a lottery drawing at our March membership meeting.  Drawings will be broken down into two categories, "Members" and "Immediate Family".  Two drawings from each category will be held.

8. The application process begins on July 1st of each year and closes on January 31st of the following year.  Any applications received before or after these dates will not be considered and must be resubmitted between the dates above.

9. If you were previously awarded a scholarship by FOP Lodge #9, you are ineligible. 


10. Scholarships that are awarded will be paid to the school of attendance, not directly to the applicant.  Please ensure that you have the contact information for your school's financial or scholarship advisor available before submitting your application.  

If you have questions about eligibility or anything else, email the lodge at

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