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Membership dues are due on August 1st of each year.  Payments received on, or after, October 1st will have a $10 administrative fee applied.

Don't let yourself become uncovered and have something happen where you or your family will need one or all of the benefits.  The revenue act 1987 requires us to remind you that dues are not tax deductible


, in the presence  of the Creator  of the Universe  and the members  of the

the Fraternal Order of Police here assembled, do most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear, that I will, to the best of my ability comply with all the laws and rules of this Order; that I will recognize the authority of my legally elected officers and obey all orders therefrom not in conflict with my religious or political views, or my rights as an American citizen; that I will not cheat, wrong, or defraud this Order, or any member there of, or permit the same to be done if in my power to prevent it; that I will at all times aid and assist a worthy Brother (or Sister) in sickness or distress, so far as it lies in my power to do so that I will not divulge any of the secrets of this Order to any one not entitles to receive them. To all of which I most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear. Should I violate this, my solemn oath or obligation, I hereby consent to be expelled from the Order.

**If you are retired but are a hire back/rehire and are working as a sworn law enforcement officer, you will need to be an Active Member, not a retiree.  Retirees  do not get legal aid. 

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Completing this form by signing your name below, entering today's date, and submitting this application constitutes you agree to all terms of membership in the Fraternal Order of Police

Thank you for you application.  For questions, please email us at

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